Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Directions For Working in the Sewing Room

Personal appearance: The hands should be washed before beginning any sewing. With a wool dress or skirt some kind of sewing-apron should be worn, so that the work will not become soiled from rubbing over the dress.

Position: Sit erect with back against chair and with feet on the floor. Hold the work so that there is no need for stooping over. Never pin work to your knee when sewing. Sitting with a table in front of you, when sewing, is the best plan.

Care of work: Needles should never be left in the material when one has finished sewing, because dampness may cause the needle to rust and this injures the material. Thread-ends on all spools should be slipped through the groove made for that purpose. The tape-line should be neatly folded, and all other equipment in the sewing-box placed in order. All materials used should be neatly folded before they are placed in the box, basket, or bag.

From ~ Elementary Home Economics: Cookery, Sewing, and Care of Home by: Mary Lockwood Matthews Copyright: 1921

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