Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Delineator" Magazine Online

I have exciting news! You can read several issues of The Delineator magazine online on Google books. (Click on the picture on the side) This is a delightful old magazine full of fashion, sewing tips, stories, adds, and just packed full of vintage lovelies! :D

I was blessed to find two issues for myself last January - they are two of my many vintage treasures. I hope to scan some of the pages for your enjoyment soon.

My favorite section in the whole magazine is called The Dressmaker. Perfect for the seamstress who loves sewing pieces inspired from 1873 - 1937 (the years the magazine was published by Butterick).   

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  1. Hey!! I have a "Delineator" from July 1892!! It's great, isn't it!! Thank you so much for the link! :-D


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