Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Play Clay (1965)

"You can make play clay for the children right in your own kitchen. To make enough for two or three children to work with you will need 2 cups baking soda (one 1-pound package), 1 cup cornstarch and 1 1/4 cups water. Mix all three together in a saucepan, heat to boiling, stirring constantly, and remove from heat as soon as mixture reaches a dough like consistency. When cool enough to handle, knead slightly.

To make enough for four to six children, follow the same procedure with three 1-pound packages of baking soda, one 1-pound package of cornstarch and 4 cups water.

To color the entire batch of clay, add food coloring or tempera paint to water before adding other ingredients. Or leave clay white and color with paint, crayon or felt tip marker when dry. Clay can be stored in a Pliofilm bag or in a airtight container and will remain pliable for several months.

Finished models will dry overnight or they may be placed in a warm turned-off oven for half an hour or parked on the radiator for an hour or two.

The number of projects that can be made from play clay is unlimited. A pretty wall plaque or paperweight could be made by rolling the clay into a ball then flatten it into a thick pancake. Press little shells, colored pebbles or snips of colored aluminum foil into the clay to form a collage-type design. Then press figures of appropriate size into center of pancake. Remove gently. Color indentation with paint or felt tip marker. Press shells or pebbles into clay around edge to form frame.

Let the children make some decorations for Christmas trees by rolling clay into balls about one inch in diameter. Insert regular Christmas tree decoration hangers or paper clips and roll ball in colored glitter.

Play clay is an inexpensive modeling material that is safe for the children to play with, won't stain clothes or furniture, and will give children hours of fun and pleasure." (The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine Number 10 - Vol. 30 - July, 1965)


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