Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vintage Pattern Covers

I bought some vintage patterns this weekend and thought you all would like to see them.

1. 1930s ?

2. 1930s/40s ?

3. 1940s

4. 1940s

5. 1940s

6. ?

 7. ?

8. 1940s ?

9. 1940s?

10. 1940s

11. 1940s

12. 1940s

13. 1940s

14. 1930s ?

15. 1958

16. 1940s

17. 1950s

If anyone knows the correct dates, or eras for the patterns with question marks. Or even if I dated some of them wrong. Please let me know! Thanks. 



  1. I love vintage patterns!


  2. Where do you find these?! I LOVE everything old fashioned and would love to start sewing some clothes like these!! Thank you and God bless you! Kate
    I'm not sure if you like the Amish too (their somewhat old fashioned) but my new blog is about my journey joining them! Check it out if you want

  3. Hi Kate!

    I find all of my vintage patterns at antique malls. The ones show in this post were actually found in Amish Country, in the town of Shipshewana. I will have to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing.


  4. That coat pattern is ADORABLE! All the patterns are so cute.


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