Thursday, June 16, 2011

Costume in England by: Frederick William Fairholt (1846)


  1. This was an interesting book. I glanced through it briefly and was fascinated by the information. In our home school, we did do a lot of research on fashions and other historical information. One writer stated that for the most part not a lot of thing changed until people begin to seek trade outside their nations. However, still, as far as fashion and transportation not much changed until the 19th century. Man for over 5,000 years wore long garments to at least the knees when women wore them to their ankles. For over 5,000 years, man gotten around by two legs (their own) or 4 legs (meaning beast of burdens) or by boat that was man powered. The Scriptures tells us that as the time of mankind, draws to an end, things would change drastically and they have. All my older relatives before they died mentioned the changes they witness in their lives and how they never dreamed as children such things would be around. Fashion for the conservatives have changed even less than it has for those outside the faith, but still it has taken on a new image. It is why my daughter and I still stay with ankle length dresses for we feel it is one act of worship for our Lord.
    Mrs. J.

  2. Super lovely blog!


  3. Hi Ashley, I just "accidentally" discovered your blog and while reading your "About Me" I thought: Hey! This girl sounds like she could be my twin! I too am 21, a homeschool graduate, and passionate aboue modest dress, femininity, and old things! I look forward to following your blog for lots of inspiration. :-)


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