Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poll Results

I was curious on what all of your favorite eras were for clothing. That way I would know what my dear readers would enjoy seeing. :-) Within the coming weeks you will posts on each winner with 4 or more votes,  may that be on fashion, book reviews, scans of old books or magazines. Sound like fun? Here are your winners:

1. The 1950s with 11 votes
2. 1900s with 9 votes
3. 1940s with 8 votes
4. 17th Century and earlier with 7 votes
5. 1790s with 7 votes
6. 1930s with 7 votes
7. 1800s with 6 votes
8. 1920s with 5 votes
9. 1780s with 4 votes
10. 1810s with 4 votes
11. 1820s with 4 votes
12. 1860s with 4 votes
13. 1890s with 4 votes
14. 1910s with 4 votes

I'll be working backwards through the list, leaving the best for last. :)

Up First: 1910s (one of my favorites).


  1. Wonderful idea!

    I'm glad to see the era I voted for "won!" But, really. It was so hard to choose. I love so many different style eras for so many different reasons!


  2. What a great poll!!
    I voted for 1890's. I rather like the rustic pioneer/frontier style clothing :)

  3. Yay! The area that I voted for won! I agree with Emme, I could choose so many different eras! I love your blog, I would love if you came by my blog and followed me.

    Many blessings,

  4. Hi Ashley, I'm just letting you know that you've been tagged and awarded. You can go to the Modest Blends blog to see the post.=)

  5. ei love ur blog! and id love to follow it! if u have time and you wanna read more inspiring blogs..u can visit mine..


  6. I'm glad you'll liked the poll! I promise you the first post is coming soon! I've been very busy lately!

    Elizabeth, thank you for the tag!


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