Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elsie Dinsmore by: Martha Finley (1896)


I have exciting news. Today I reached my 50th post. And yesterday I received my 50th follower! Hurray!


  1. I have a book by Martha Finley, copy right 1896 with no dust cover or picture but the cover is red and embossed with pansies the name of the book, Elsie Dinsmore, and the author. Do you have any information on it?

  2. What do you mean?

    The "Elsie Dinsmore" book you have is first in a whole series on her and her family. It make for a great read for young and old ladies alike.

    You can read more on this book here:

    If it is selling information you are looking for, this book can sell for anything between $10 - $30, or even $40+ depending on the condition and how rare it is.

    Is any of this helpful?



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