Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From My Collection - Vintage Crocheting and Knitting Magazines & Patterns

Last Friday I went to a book sale, it was half-price day, and I found some wonderful vintage crocheting and knitting magazines & patterns for only a nickle each. How delightful! Even if I don't know how to knit, or even know how to crochet well enough to use the patterns, yet. I love looking through them for inspiration and a glimpse to the past. =)

They are from a variety of years ranging from 1941-1965.








  1. You struck gold, didn't you! :-)

  2. What a great find!

    I learned to knit when I was seven years old & have just grown to love it more & more over the years. And vintage patterns take care of two of my passions at once--my love for vintage AND knitting! :)



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